The purpose of the WalkingWorks! program is to promote walking as a free way to get physical activity in one's day by walking at work and in our community.

SFBLI Walking Log

Walking Basics
Walking on a flat surface and up and down inclines, such as stairs, can be a great way to boost your heart rate, build strength, and burn calories. Walking is a natural form of locomotion of the human body and can be done at home, work, and at play. Use these walking tips when beginning your walking program. Be safe, start at a slow pace, and use these stretches when you are done.

Outdoor Walking Routes
Outdoor Loop Routes

Work Options
SFBLI offers many places for employees to walk during the workday. Employees use the new outside one-mile walking path, while some use the hallways indoors, and others use the stairs.

You will notice our focus on taking the stairs by seeing signs at the stair entrances, the elevator bays, and motivational signage in the stairwells. The southeast corner stairwell is the healthy stairwell, which has a nice view through the windows and has stretches and other information in the bay on the lower level.