Lab results from the Clinic are accessible through a separate web site, https://myhealth.acumenehr.com (Acumen).

In order to access the Acumen site and your lab, you need a special login. The Clinic staff can provide you with the password, which is usually given to you at the time of your visit. The full lab results are available in the Acumen site about 2 days after your lab is drawn.

You can also contact The Clinic at extension #3454 or email sfbl.clinic@vigilant-health.com if you need your password or other help.

Note that you can get your HRA report, with a health score and explanation of most of your results at The Clinic site, under "Health Assessments." There are some lab results under "Know Your Numbers" as well.

We apologize for the multiple sites and general navigation issues. The central site is run by a third party and we have created the Wellness Works site to bridge some of the functional problems we have run into. Bear with us as we continue to make The Clinic experience even better!