Q. What is SFBLI WellnessWorks!?
A. The SFBLI Wellness Works! program will provide programs, resources, and learning opportunities to improve health and wellness for employees, retirees, and their families. SFBLI WellnessWorks! promotes healthy activities centered around employees and their families living healthy lifestyles.

Q. How do I earn my premium discount on health insurance premiums?
A. For more information about the premium discount, click here.

Q. What are the procedures for walk-in visits for The Clinic?
A. Employees are encouraged to use the online scheduling system for routine issues and call the nurse navigator for immediate assistance with acute illness. Walk-ins will be available for urgent needs.

Q. Can I access my labs from The Clinic online?
A. Yes, click here to access your labs.

Q. What is EAP?
A. The Employee Assistance Program is a benefit provided by Southern Farm Bureau to help employees resolve job-related, personal and family problems.

Q. Who can use EAP services?
A. EAP is provided for employees of Southern Farm Bureau and their dependents.

Q. Does SFBLI WellnessWorks! offer on-site fitness classes?
A. Yes, each afternoon at 4:45 in the private dining room. Contact Carley McRee for more information and to sign up.

Q. How do I make an appointment to visit The Clinic?
A. Click here to access the appointment scheduler link.