To receive your Health Premium Discount, first register into the clinic system at www.theclinic-online.com to create a login.

Next, go to the Health Assessments link to complete the Health Assessment questionnaire. After you complete your questionnaire, the next steps require a medical encounter, either at your doctor's office or in The Clinic itself. You will need a preventive exam and lab. If eligible, have your spouse complete the same steps for additional premium reduction.

  • The exam can be done any time in the calendar year. You don't have to wait 365 days from your last physical/lab work.
  • The lab is a standard set of labs which may be based on your age. If you need any additional labs in the clinic, let the staff know at that time. You don't have to have the lab done at the clinic.

To make an appointment for a clinic visit, click here: http://scheduling.theclinic-online.com . Complete your exams and labs NOW before the clinic books up with the usual rise of winter illnesses.

The Clinic will be sending out automated reminders periodically for those who have not completed all the steps to qualify for the health plan discount, either inside or outside the clinic system. If you have an exam set up with your own doctor later in the year, just let The Clinic know.

How to Qualify

  • Physical (schedule at The Clinic, or with an external provider)
  • Online HRA (accessed through The Clinic website)
  • BMI (calculation of height and weight) - <30 or enrolled in a plan of care
  • Blood pressure - < or = 140/90 or enrolled in a plan of care
  • Cholesterol - <220 or enrolled in a plan of care
  • Fasting glucose - <100 or enrolled in a plan of care
  • Tobacco free or enrolled in a plan of care

See the flowchart below for the three options you can choose from to obtain these benchmarks. If benchmarks are not met, schedule an appointment at The Clinic to discuss your plan of care.